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    Are you feeling low, stressed, worried or anxious?


    Are you having problems with relationships, or feel that they could be improved?


    Have you been affected by an event or events in the recent past or in your childhood that you are finding it hard to recover from?


    Are you having problems at work?


    Are you unhappy about the quality or direction of your life?


    Could you do with someone to talk to?

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    About Diane Griffiths, BA (HONS), MA, Dip Counselling, PG Dip Psychotherapy Studies,

    Dip Psychosexual Therapy, Dip Supervision, MBACP (Reg)

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    Person Centred Counsellor

    I am an experienced and established Person Centred Counsellor, qualified in sex and relationship therapy, and psychotherapy for boarding school issues. I have worked with individuals since 1996, and with couples since 2011.

    I have based the majority of my counselling practice in the City of London from rooms in Fleet Street, EC4 since 2004, and I have therefore acquired a fair understanding of the culture and of the pressures of working within the professions associated with the City, At the moment I continue to offer solely online appointments.

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    Fleet Street, EC4 London

    A Safe and Confidential Space

    I offer a respectful, sensitive, honest, empathic and collaborative approach. I am committed to supporting people to tap back in to their own resources in order to solve problems or make changes in their lives. Please note, I am offering solely online appointments at the present time.

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    Online sessions

    I offer online video sessions (Zoom or Skype) for individuals and couples.

  • My Main Areas of Experience

    Individuals and Couples


    I work with both individuals and couples on either a long or short-term basis, bearing in mind your own particular wishes or need. The fee for individual appointments is £70 and for couples; is £90.


    The list below covers a number of the most common presenting issues, but if you do not find your particular concern or worry identified here, please do not assume that it is not something that can be addressed. You are free to discuss anything with me that concerns or worries you. Feel free to contact me for a brief initial discussion via phone or email.

    couple counselling city of london, st albans

    Couple counselling

    I work with couples on a long and short term basis at any stage of their relationship to improve communication, negotiation and compromise, to develop intimacy, throughout separation and divorce, recovery from affairs and betrayals, sexual differences and difficulties. I also work with couples to understand and resolve the impact on the relationship of bereavement, trauma, childhood related issues, addiction, depression, work related stress, infertility, family related issues and cultural differences. I see couples of every sexual and gender orientation.

    city of london counselling relationship counselling, psychotherapy ec4 , ST PAULS

    Relationship difficulties

    If your relationship issue is with your partner, it can be helpful for you to attend couple counselling together. However, sometimes it maybe that the issues are due to conflict or other difficulties in relation to friends or family, work colleagues or your boss, or with your children. You might be feeling lonely, or find it hard to make or keep friends, or perhaps you are single, and don’t wish to be. If you would like support and understanding to help address the issue, feel free to contact me.

    city of london counselling BOARDING SCHOOL  counselling, psychotherapy ec4 , ST PAULS

    Boarding School issues

    If you are an ex-boarder it may be that you feel affected by your time at boarding school and wishes to explore your experience.

    city of london counselling DEPRESSION  counselling, psychotherapy ec4 , ST PAULS


    Symptoms can vary and include feeling low, difficulty with sleeping, irritability, negative thoughts, a sense of hopelessness and, sometimes, thoughts about not wanting to live any more. The causes can vary and can arise out of a situation of ongoing and unmanageable stress, perhaps at work, or maybe as a result of a series of rapid personal changes and/or losses, for instance, the end of a relationship, or as a result of a bereavement. The roots of depression can also reside in a person’s early years. Your GP can prescribe medication to alleviate the worst of the symptoms, if you wish. Therapy can also help alleviate symptoms, and can help understand and address underlying causes, as well as offer an opportunity to make changes in order to avoid relapse in the future.

    city of london counselling STRESS ANXIETY counselling, psychotherapy ec4 , ST PAULS

    Stress and Anxiety

    Perhaps you are feeling constantly nervous or on edge, irritable, with physical symptoms of a dry mouth, sweatiness, or maybe you are having panic attacks. Your GP can prescribe medication to alleviate the worst of the symptoms, if you wish, whilst therapy can help understand and address the underlying causes, as well as make changes to avoid relapse in the future.

    city of london counselling SELF ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE counselling, psychotherapy ec4 , ST PAULS

    Low Self-Esteem Self-Confidence

    Do you find yourself holding a low opinion of yourself, constantly comparing yourself to others, with a tendency to self-criticism, and a belief that nothing you do is ever good enough? Perhaps you find yourself frequently attempting to please others, finding it hard to say ‘No’, and too often ending up feeling worthless and resentful.

    city of london counselling BEREAVEMENT, LOSS DEATH, counselling, psychotherapy ec4 , ST PAULS

    Bereavement and Loss


    You may be suffering painful and confusing feelings of loss due to a recent bereavement, or it may be that the loss was years ago, and you nevertheless struggle to move on. Other losses may not be due to bereavement, but may involve loss through divorce, or the ending of a relationship, financial loss, redundancy or ill health

    city of london counselling TRAUMA counselling, psychotherapy ec4 , ST PAULS



    Trauma involves experiencing an extremely difficult, potentially overwhelming, or life-threatening event, or series of events. If you are struggling to cope, and are feeling affected by what has happened, whether it is in the recent or more distant past, I can help.

    city of london counselling  ALCOHOL , ADDICTION counselling, psychotherapy ec4 , ST PAULS

    Concerns with regard to alcohol use

    Perhaps you are concerned about the amount of alcohol you are using, or would like to feel more in control of what you drink, or drink less often. Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk to me about this,

  • What is Therapy?

    New Perspectives

    Talking through your worries, concerns and experience with a therapist can help gain new perspectives on a problem, as well as a deeper understanding of your self and others. The therapist generally does not give advice or tell you what to do, but supports you to come to your own understanding and solutions. My approach is to listen very carefully to what you are saying, reflecting back to you what I understand as your take on the matter, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes. I will communicate to you from my own perspective anything that feels particularly relevant, striking or persistent, but otherwise I will very much stick with understanding your particular frame of reference, that is, how things particularly appear to you. This helps to support you to maintain and deepen authentic contact with your self, and it is often from this deepening contact, increased self-awareness and understanding, that problems can feel easier to resolve.

    This process can take a relatively short length of time, for instance, a single session or a few weeks, but generally will take longer, for instance several months, or a few years, depending on what your needs are. The normal arrangement is to attend on a weekly basis.

    Therapy involves the provision of a quiet, safe and confidential space in which to explore and receive support for your thoughts and feelings.

    Your Session

    Your first session will offer an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little, and for you especially to decide whether you feel comfortable talking with me regarding your concerns. The first session may involve you talking quite a lot, letting me know what has been happening in your life, and generally getting things off your chest. We may begin together identifying what the issues are and what it is that you want for yourself out of therapy, if you know. Sometimes we don’t know quite what is troubling us, and it may take a while for the relevant issues to emerge. On the other hand, in the first session, we might immediately make headway towards beginning to explore how therapy may help, and what might be the opportunities and solutions.

    How long do I need to attend?

    You can attend for as long as it is useful to you. On occasion one or two sessions are all that are necessary, or it may be that you need a few months to make headway. Many people come for a year or 18 months, or even longer. Its up to you.


    It can be useful to give your therapist notice of ending, so that you can take time to reflect on what the changes have been. Depending on how long you have spent in therapy, a longer notice period may feel necessary, and this could be a few weeks or even several months, Again, its up to you.

    How often should I attend?

    A session is a weekly 50-minute appointment, usually at the same time on the same day although, depending on your circumstances, this may vary.


    Individuals £70

    Couples £90


    I am a member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by the Ethical Framework for Good Practice

    As is a requirement of membership of the above association, I consult on a monthly basis and in absolute confidence with a counselling supervisor regarding my work in order to support and maintain best practice.

    I hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring) clearance.

  • About Diane

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    Independent Practice , NHS, Voluntary, Clinical Supervision

    I have worked primarily in independent practice, although I have had some experience working within the NHS (GP Surgery/Primary Care) and within the voluntary sector (bereavement and alcohol counselling, as well as supporting survivors of sexual abuse and their families via individual counselling and a telephone helpline. I offer clinical supervision to experienced and trainee counsellors on an individual basis and within group settings.


    I am a member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by the Ethical Framework for Good Practice.


    As a requirement of membership of the above associations, I consult on a monthly basis and in absolute confidence with a counselling supervisor regarding my work in order to support and maintain best practice.


    I hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

    I have Advanced Disclosure & Barring clearance (DBS).



    Dip Integrative Psychosexual Therapy, Centre for Psychosexual Health, 2011

    Cert Person Centred Couple Counselling, Counselling Works, 2009

    Cert Psychosexual Health, Centre for Psychosexual Health, 2007

    Cert CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Mindfulness, 2007

    Dip Working with Addiction, CPPD, 2002

    Dip Working with Survivors of Abuse, CPPD, 2001

    Dip Person Centred Counselling, Metanoia Institute, 2000/

    PG Dip Contemporary Person Centred Psychotherapy Studies, 2018

    Continuing Professional Development

    I have completed the taught-part of a Diploma-level training in Specialist Psychotherapy with Ex-Boarders, 2018


    I have completed the taught-part of an Advanced Diploma in Couples Therapy, NAOS, 2019


    I am about to embark on a specialist couples therapy training in November 2020 in Imago Relationship Therapy.


    I also hold a BA First Class (Hons) in English Literature, and an MA in English Literature: Modern Literary Cultures.

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